Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My last day in SA (28 Feb 2008)

On my way to Korea I had to make a detour to the Korean embassy in Pretoria for my visa interview...which I think was a total waste of time. The interview questions were very random...i still do not understand why they make people take the visa interview. My flight to Korea was on the same day as the interview. I went to Pretoria with my luggage ready to fly out of the country. I wonder if anyone has ever failed a visa interview...mmmm?
The journey begins
They are playing "Mbombela" by Hugh Masekela as we board the plane at the Johannesburg international airport. What a nice way to say goodbye to my country and to all things that are familiar to me...things that have become part of me. Tears roll down my cheeks for the second time on the same day. I cried as I said good bye to my family in the morning...and now im crying as I say goodbye to my country...but it has to be done...i want to live my life. I dont want to look back and try to imagine how my life would have been like had I done the things that I've always wanted to do.


PSS said...


and i am crying whilst reading dis,

Tenda said...

I think mzansi as a whole cryed as well, we sure do miss u ,

but for some1 who cryed leaving here u sure seem happy/smiling a lot