Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Live octopus - a delicacy, puking is not an option

I built up courage to eat live octopus. Eating octopus was not as easy as eating dog meat. When I saw the octopus moving on a plate in front of me a lot of things went through my mind. Before I even touched the wiggly thing I visualised myself struggling to breathe because the thing got stuck in my throat. I imagined myself being taken to the hospital to get operated on. I died in my imagination because the doctors could not remove the octopus and it kept nibbling on my throat and I was bleeding internally. Bleeding badly. But that was only my imagination. I did not allow it to take away this opportunity, never! I decided to eat the live thing, I mean a lot of people ate the stuff and nothing ever happened to them. So chopsticks in hand, a lot of spectators ready to clap their hands, I struggled picking the stuff up. I kept trying until I gave up, threw the chopsticks away and grabbed a spoon. The spoon worked faster than the chopsticks, in no time I was ready to toss the thing down my throat. The plan was not to chew it just in case it got stuck in my mouth. So I dipped it in sauce, and quickly put it in my mouth. I started chewing, moving the thing around my mouth to figure out what it tasted like, but my tongue could not pick up the taste. It was tasteless. My audience was clapping as I was chewing. I felt like I was on some reality show – a Fear Factor of some sort. Again this is supposed to be a delicacy, puking was not an option. I must also admit that I lied, I made my companions believe that I loved the octopus but in all honesty the thing is yuck! My lie caught up with me sooner than I thought it would. On our next outing, my companions made sure that we went to a place that served octopus. I came clean and told them the truth because puking was just not an option, octopus is expensive. I must also add that live octopus is tasteless and not so good to eat but stir-fried octopus is yummilicious!


Thabisa said...

You are one brave soul, when I grow up I want to eat the things that you have eaten. You should think about going on fear factor doing the things they do there will be a breeze for you :)
Please don't forget me when you are famous because of your adventures!

Keiron said...

LOL ummm.....yeah....I felt good about myself eating the dead squid lol

Gwen said...

You have some courage 'n half gal!
@ Thabie: she will out do everyone on Fear Factor!

Anonymous said...

Murderer! Eating live organism.... Sis... Never!
You are brave though!

Thabisa said...

@ Gwen I think so too!
Mamello what do say I become your trainer and then you will can be a contestant on the next SA fear factor?